Spool holder with brake

This is a spool holder inspired by one from this portal. The main difference is brake - it holds spool so it's not unrolling when printing (some filaments are rolled up very tight and when spool can rotate easily it can tangle itself. Second thing - it suites to Zmorph 2.0 and 2.0S (there is little difference between screws). To assemble it you'll need: screw M4x60 (>=M4x55), two small rubber bands, two side adhesive tape and a piece of foam ("braking" park). There are also two design files with cylinders (50mm, 19mm) which hold up spool. You may need them or not - it depends on what spool you have. In both you'll need M4 screws (>= ~M4x20); it should be screws with plain park between head and thread. I CANNOT UPLOAD STL FILES, PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM THERE: http://xyzyk.dyndns.org/inne/zmorph/Zmorph_spool_holder.rar (print with ABS)

Designed by kpawel on January 30, 2017

Design's files:

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