Zmorph second fan

Zmorph 2.0S - Extruder second fan mount [tuning]

"A" is replacment for original Zmorph part (with X-endstop pin). "B" is fan mount. It's long enought to be useful when printing but too long for ex. laser toolhead (so it's removable). It's designed for the same fan as originally in Zmorph (40x40x20; 24V; SUNON EB40202S2). You will also need soldering iron and some cable/connector to get 24V from head PCB (like first fan). [EDIT] New 2.0 version. It's without mount for screw. There is special handle (also in old version) and it's enought to hold fan. So screw is not needed. Also new version is easier to print. ____________________________________________________________[EDIT #2] I created version 3.0. It's far better than this. I have some problems with uploading it here so it's available on, sorry.

Designed by kpawel on August 06, 2016

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